Music On Console28. Dec '10

Music On Console Player or mocp for short is awesome piece of software for command line geeks. It is somewhat similar to Midnight Commander - on the left panel you can browse through your filesystem and on the right there is your current playlist.


Music On Console in action

To install on a Debian or Ubuntu box:

apt-get install moc moc-ffmpeg-plugin

Start it up with mocp command. Note that some Qt guys had another program called moc!:


For Estonian internet radios:

wget -c
mocp raadio.m3u

Now the most important part - key bindings! Let's start with the global ones.

  • q - Exit the user interface but keep player running in the background

  • Q - Exit the whole program and stop any playing audio tracks

  • R - Toggle repeating the playlist

  • S - Toggle shuffling

  • tab - Switch between panels

Now the keys you can use on the left panel for browsing the files:

  • a - Add files/directories to the playlist

  • A - Add playlist to current playlist

  • Enter - Enter directory or add file

And finally the keys you can use on the playlist

  • d - Remove track from playlist

  • C - Clear the whole playlist

  • Enter - Start playing a track

  • Control-f - Toggle track format visibility

  • Control-t - Toggle track duration visibility

Note that shortcuts in capital letters mean the button pressed with Shift. Happy hacking :)

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